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Frequent questions

Is payment through the web secure?

Yes - whatever method you use, all our payment gateways use encrypted technology to give total security to purchases.

Will the shade of the veils and accessories go well with my dress?

For all the veils and accessories we use exactly the same white as in the dresses we offer you at Atelier, or the one you can find in any bridal shop. This white is also known as ivory or ivory, that is, it is an off-white. So yes, it will be the same color as your dress!

For some products, you will find the color differentiation between "white" and "ivory". White in this case would be a purer white, the lightest. On the other hand, ivory white has a touch of champagne, which is usually the classic for wedding dresses. You can choose if you prefer one color or another simply by checking the box.

Can I buy in a physical store?

You will not be able to find the products that we offer in the online store in a physical store, but if you still need a wedding dress or suit you can go to any Atelier de Bodas store (Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona), where our advisers will be delighted to assist you .

I need advice, can you help me?

Our advisors are available 24 hours a day through our WhatsApp. You can ask them any questions you have, even send them a photo of your dress so they can advise you on which accessories will go best with it. Chat with them HERE.

How do I know which accessories match my dress?

Accessories and shoes are made with a variety of laces and fabrics so they can be mixed and matched throughout the collection and with wedding dresses from most local stores. For more advice, you can chat with one of our advisors so they can help you find the perfect accessories.

Shipping Questions

How long do shipments take?

Our maximum delivery time is one month from the date of purchase, although we always recommend placing the order in advance of the wedding in case you need to change any item.

Do you ship from Spain?

Yes, all our products are designed and made in the European Union, and we ship them from our warehouse in Barcelona, ​​ensuring the highest quality in each of them.

Can I track my order?

Yes, all our shipments have a tracking number so you can track it at all times.

When should I place my order?

It is recommended that you place your order at least 3 months before the wedding. During key dates at Atelier de Bodas, delivery time can be up to a month and a half, so please make sure there is enough time to receive all your items.

Questions about returns

Can I return or exchange items?

Yes, you can, as long as the wedding date has not passed, since after that day we understand that it is a used item.

How long do I have to return?

You have a period of 30 days from the receipt of the item to make a return or exchange, as long as it is before the wedding date. In case your wedding is close, the return deadline is up to 15 days before it. Keep our shipping times in mind regarding change, so you always arrive on time for your big day.

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